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Founded in 2000, Venturelab is an experienced team of successful entrepreneurs, business developers and investors focused on building and backing emerging companies to solve challenges in a wide range of areas including clean energy, offshore, technology and healthcare.

Venturelab has helped hundreds of companies increase their business through thorough market research, business planning and development, networking, match making events, investment forums and funding processes.

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We invest our time in what we believe matters; to help skilled entrepreneurs take the steps to build and grow companies that can change the world, while offering potentially extraordinary investment returns.

Mission & Vision


It`s your vision!
​Our active support is balanced and tempered by our understanding that entrepreneurs and their management team are the ones that drive the company towards vision through strategy.

The team

Meet the Team

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The value we deliver

The value we deliver

  • Experienced Venture Managers

  • A solid track record

  • A large national and International network

  • A large investor network

  • More than 40 years of collective experience

  • Assisted more than 500 companies with their growth strategies, company development and fund raising

  • Solid screening process

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