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We want to welcome you to our community of entrepreneurs!

Metal Garasjeporter

Our vision

​Venturelab's XLR8HUB was founded to be an affordable place for companies to work and grow. It draws its inspiration from the famous garages that grew some of the most successful companies of our time:

Steve's garage. Jeff's garage. Packard’s garage.

We know it can be a struggle when you're just getting your company going. That's why we focus on keeping costs at a minimum, to make your rent as low as possible. It doesn't have to be fancy, but it has to be functional.

So - no fancy coffee machine, but a clean, bright space with air-condition, high-speed internet and a community of other visionaries. Our fridge has plenty of room (like our hearts<3) - but the rest is simple and unpolished. 

What we look for in our tenants is that they are down to earth, hard-working and want to contribute to our community. Our current tenants range from start-ups to established companies - from designers to plumbers to AI-developers. We take pride in our friendly, inclusive environment. We’ll celebrate with you when you 
conquer an obstacle, and we’ll also lovingly tell you in no unclear terms when you’re heading towards trouble.

​A great benefit of a co-working space is that you can get input from other entrepreneurs who probably have faced the same challenges as the ones you’re currently facing. 

Whatever phase you’re in, we’ll find a solution that fits your needs. Our offices range from 8 to 37m2, but we can arrange for even greater spaces if need be. We also offer both fixed and flexi-desks.

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