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The value we deliver

Our team of experienced Venture Managers boasts a solid track record, backed by more than 40 years of collective experience in the industry. We have assisted over 500 companies with their growth strategies, company development, and fundraising efforts. Our extensive national and international network, coupled with a large investor network, provides a robust foundation for success. We pride ourselves on our solid screening process, ensuring that we work with companies that have the potential for significant growth and success.

Our business model

We apply a combination of: 

  • Retainer/Upfront/Startup fees

  • Success-fee on sourced capital

  • Fixed monthly fees 6-18 months or more

  • Equity share as part payment

  • Professional services and consulting fees

The appropriate model is adapted to each specific business case. 

Høye Fives

How we spend our time

  • We enjoy working with companies who understands that expansion, growth and value creation within a business is a process.

  • Most of our successes come from long term relationships.

  • We will typically work with a company for 4 to 18 months in order to create investor readiness.

  • The funding process usually takes four to six months.

  • In cases where we do not succeed, we will make an effort to direct the team to other sources of capital.

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How we spend our time
Our business model
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